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About Sloan By Design 

Our Story  

In the beginning when Sloan By Design first started, sites were made using plain html because iphones didn't exist and there was no need for responsive designs. So SBD started using Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash.

Now of course things have moved on and SBD uses Joomla Content Management System which enables flexibility and is are fully responsive, meaning that sites can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Sloan By Design is owned and run by Linda Sloan, originally an accountant who retired around four years ago. Unfortunately, Linda then found that she needed something to do. And so, she decided to go back to web design having already done a couple of sites for past employers.
What We Do  

We will talk to you about the kind of site you want and what you want from it i.e. do you want a blog, a gallery of photos, will you need it to have an online shop, book appointments?

Once we have this information, we will design you a website that fits your style of business (in fact we will probably show you a few designs before creating your site. You will have to provide us with your logo and any photos that you wish to be part of the site. If it is to have an online shop, we will also need your product list with pricing, colours available and delivery costings.

After you are happy with the design and functionality of the proposed site, we  will sort out hosting for you with a reputable company and will publish the site for you.

Everything that goes on the site will be explained prior to your approval as well as before publishing.

Why choose us
Because you have control of everything

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